PMC Vol. 15 – 100 Questions

Volume 15 of the PMC magazine released in September 2019 in Japan featured an interview with SU-METAL, MOAMETAL, KOBAMETAL and MIKIKOMETAL about the new album “Metal Galaxy” and their future goals and plans. This is the translation for the 100 question section with SU-METAL and MOAMETAL. The original can be bought on or Some comments by me can be found in brackets, especially the corresponding song titles for some questions regarding the album “Metal Galaxy”.

100 Questions for BABYMETAL

Q1 How do you feel now?

MOAMETAL I’m hungry. I want to eat fried chicken.

Q2 SU-METAL, in this last 3 and a half years if you think about your strength, has something changed?

SU-METAL I got used to go abroad. I don’t get overly agitated when the environments change.

Q3 So what about your weaknesses SU-METAL?

SU-METAL I forget about conversations with people.

Q4 MOAMETAL, in this last 3 and a half years if you think about your strength, has something changed?

MOAMETAL I don’t really know myself what my personal strength is, but People say that I have strong sympathy.

Q5 So what about your weaknesses MOAMETAL?

MOAMETAL I have a lot of weaknesses! I’m not good at being alone, I have no sense of direction, I am shy. I overthink situations and I am not able to say if I disagree on something.

Q6 In the „PMC Vol.4“ 100 Questions you said that the live concert you had with „the most response from the world tour so far“ was the Brixton show in Britain, which one is it this time?

SU-METAL This year it was „Summer Sonic“.

Q7 How has the live show at „Summer Sonic“ felt?

SU-METAL We prepared the new appearance (of BABYMETAL), so it felt like we showed a proper Babymetal on stage and the heat of the audience was really great. In the end it had the atmosphere of a solo show despite it being at a festival. We had a great sense of accomplishment after it ended.

Q8 What was the toughest tour or liveshow overseas? How tough was it?

MOAMETAL On Last years America tour the first day performance in Kansas was difficult. It was very sad to see everyones looks and awareness about our different performance. I thought about what it „means to be here?“ at that event.

Q9 How did the first day with the new formation at the Yokohama Arena performance feel and how did you approach it?

SU-METAL With two people as the core it was like rebuilding the set-up. It’s like a new Group. That’s how I think about it.

Q10 How did it actually feel live and what was the response?

SU-METAL Honestly before standing on the stage, given that we were desperate to „create“ the new set-up, I was surprised how many people were waiting for us. The second we stood on stage I heard the audience voices and my nervousness stopped immediately. It became a fun performance the moment i saw everyone smiling.

Q11 How did you feel at the time when it was decided that you will play on „Glastonbury“, one of the worlds largest music festivals?

SU-METAL I dreamed of playing at „Glastonbury“ before that so I was very surprised when I heard that. The show was on the day after the Yokohama show, so we pushed hard for it.

Q12 You shared the substage with a capacity of 40 thousand with very popular people like Billie Eilish. Did it feel like a challenge for you?

MOAMETAL That felt really far away on stage. The people looked like „who are those kids?“. The people that saw us for the first time may felt like „That’s surprisingly good!“ and „That may be interesting“ and it seemed like they got more and more interest in us, so we challenged ourselves to give the best we can.

Q13 You took a picture with Billie Eilish at Glastonbury, did you talk about something? What kind of conversation was it?

MOAMETAL We like Billie Eilish so we were happy to take a picture with her. She admired our outfits and said „they are cute“. Next time we meet her, we will try our best to show our interest in her (laughs).

Q14 Out of all the artists you met worldwide, which one was the most exciting?

SU-METAL Rob Halford. Before standing on stage he had a calm presence, the moment he was on stage he gained a strong aura. This „on and off“ switching of him was what I remember the most.

Q15 You answered the NME interview at Glastonbury in english, it feels as if you studied a lot.

MOAMETAL Listening to western music is helpful. I want to challenge myself to study more English after that, but as a Japanese person I want to focus on studying the Japanese language.

Q16 What english words have you learned recently?

SU-METAL Vertical Horizontal

Q17 What english phrase have you learned recently?

MOAMETAL You’re on fire!

Q18 We heard that the O2 Academy Brixton in London performance was the best. Can you tell us what you got from the performance?

SU-METAL I think what we got was the warm feeling from the British Fans, I just wanted to say „I’m home!“ when we got there. It feels like a second home for us.

Q19 How did the reaction of the London audience feel like?

MOAMETAL It felt something like they were saying „Welcome home!“

Q20 On the many occasions you visited the UK, was there ever a different scenery for you to see?

SU-METAL Since Glastonbury is a pop festival the amount of people that didn’t knew us was probably a record for us. The reactions looked like „Babymetal? Who are those kids?“ which we hadn’t seen for a long time now.

Q21 MOAMETAL seemed extremely happy with the performance in Nagoya (her birthday show).

MOAMETAL This is the place I was born and raised and I was able to feel everyone’s gratitude at the show, so I was absolutely happy about it. Also with the kind of stage we had, I saw everyone from the first second the show started. I was so extremely happy about it that it almost made me scream „Let’s party everyone!“.

Q22 You had the challenge of playing the guitar live. When did you start playing?

MOAMETAL Was it 2nd or 3rd grade in elementary school? I learned to play the guitar in that time but since middle school I was too busy in class and wasn’t able to keep it going. I played at home occasionally.

Q23 Was it even a challenge for you? It honestly seemed like you had a lot of confidence?

MOAMETAL At first the chords I got where difficult to play (laughs). But after the 2nd or 3rd time it got easier to play.

Q24 What connections to the now already 20 year old „Summer Sonic“ do you have?

SU-METAL Since 2012 we played almost every year there and over the years our stage got bigger and bigger, so we have several connections to it. People expect to have a good time at the festival and we felt we have to meet those expectations, so that made us grow up.

Q25 Was there any interaction with other artists at „Summer Sonic“?

MOAMETAL We were able to relax backstage with a lot of friends on this years „Summer Sonic“. The Chili Peppers that we met through the time we were their tour support showed how much they cared for our new setup and we talked about how we want to perform „Gimme Chocolate!!“ together again. They were kind as always. 

Q26 From the various progresses you made in Japan and overseas, what captivates you now?

SU-METAL Going to different places to play live shows, meeting different people that listen to different music … I think it is a wonderful experience that we have. 

Q27 From the June to July tour, what do you think of that made you say „I am cool!“

SU-METAL The present I gave was exactly what the person wanted.

Q28 From the June to July tour what made you say „We did it!“

MOAMETAL Babymetal was summoning a typhoon between the Yokohama and Nagoya shows. And just now the America tour lured Dorian (Big Hurricane) too (laughs).

Q29 what is an essential item for you to bring to a liveshow or tour?

SU-METAL A hot-water bottle.

Q30 With your power of expressing yourself live becoming more and more overwhelming, shouldn’t there be something you have heard everyone say at home and overseas?

MOAMETAL I don’t remember particular compliments. I am a child that grew up with compliments so if people think that way, please tell me (laughs). 

Q31 In the 3 and a half years, was there a characteristic or habit that SU-METAL constantly showed during live concerts?

SU-METAL I can’t lose the habit of licking my mouth when my lips are dry.

Q32 In the 3 and a half years, was there a characteristic or habit that MOAMETAL constantly showed during live concerts?

MOAMETAL I always want to play around somewhere (laughs). Although it is a serious feel to stand on stage, if I enjoy myself I start to do things unintentionally (laughs).

Q33 What do you think was your biggest opportunity over the last years?

SU-METAL Playing on Glastonbury.

Q34 How do you think you got that chance?

SU-METAL I think it was a consequence of us believing in and continuing on our path.

Q35 On the opposite, was there something you regret?

MOAMETAL Reflecting on it, there is nothing I feel ashamed of or regret doing!

Q36 Please tell us about points you like about BABYMETAL’s new outfits.

MOAMETAL Our theme this time is „Galaxy“ and the outfits represent that. The colors change their appearance under the effect of light and all adversity bounces and reflects of the cloth.

Q37 I want to ask some things about „Metal Galaxy“ from now. It is your third Album. I would think that you are used to do recording by now, but how was it really?

SU-METAL This time the challenge was the ever changing way of singing in the songs, this was the most time I spend for recording until now.

Q38 What can you say about the Metal Galaxy and what was the inspiration behind it?

MOAMETAL Since olden times humanity has gazed into the sky, looked at stars and moons and desired to let their minds wander far away. It is about everyones dreams and desires, the future and wishes. The Metal Galaxy is something similar, full of thoughts and things and we think that’s what the future of metal feels like.

Q39 The sun and moon are like two faces, two sides of one thing. How do you capture the the contrary feelings of those two sides?

SU-METAL They are said to be opposites but in reality they feel close to each other.

Q40 What do you think happens when you face this duality?

SU-METAL The way people listen to the same music differs and you also realize the difference in music when you visit places around the world. With the same theme from different angles we want to represent the fun of different music, we want people to feel it when they listen through the album. 

Q41 In what way did you grow up as a singer while recording?

SU-METAL Even if the pitch stays the same I am able to change the tone to a bright or heavy feel depending on the mood of the song.

Q42 In which song did you discover the new BABYMETAL?

SU-METAL „Brand New Day“. Up until now we had a lot of positive songs but it‘s cool how this one is kind of like holding back. But the first time I heard it I was surprised and asked myself „Is this metal?“.

Q43 What did you think when you heard about Tak Matsumoto’s participation in „DA DA DANCE“?

MOAMETAL I was surprised! But it somehow felt like fate. We are really thankful for that.

Q44 What do you think about Tak Matsumoto’s guitar playing on „DA DA DANCE“?

MOAMETAL It was really cool how it sounded like the guitar was singing when I heard the phrase. ( I want everyone to hear it soon!

Q45 Sabatons vocalist Joakim Broden, Polyphias guitarists Tim Henson and Scott LePage, Arch Enemy’s vocalist Alissa White-Gluz and F.HERO are all world wide artists that are featuring guests. Please tell us about the motivation and impressions you got from them. 

SU-METAL They are a fresh breeze for the BABYMETAL music. They change the songs with their own sound. BABYMETAL’s music got more and more interesting with everyone’s support.

Q46 Your two person cover picture is very impressive. When you look at the picture, what do you think?

SU-METAL I see the strong determination that „we are moving forward as two!“ and it feels more serious.

Q47 Are there times where „zuizuizuizu korobashi“ (An old Japanese children’s song that is part of the BBAB lyrics) is looping in your mind?

MOAMETAL It is looping now! (laughs)

Q48 Is there a song that made you first think “That’s impossible!”?

SU-METAL Probably “BxMxC”.

Q49 There was surely a moment where you felt like a DA DA Dancing Queen right? (DA DA DANCE lyrics)

MOAMETAL I haven’t become a queen yet. I am still a princess (laughs).

Q50 What would you do if the elevator would actually stop in hell? (Elevator Girl lyrics)

MOAMETAL That’s impossible! But if it would stop in hell I would change it to a paradise.

Q51 Which one of you often loses things and doesn’t know where it goes?

SU-METAL That’s me.

Q52 How was it doing the melodie and indian dance for “Shanti”?

SU-METAL The arm, hips and head movement, the rhythm, song and everything of it was very hard to get used to at first. But we got the hang of it after doing it over and over again.

Q53 Is there a moment where you two get crazy? (Kagerou lyrics)

SU-METAL When we eat delicious food.

Q54 When do you feel jealous? (Kagerou lyrics)

MOAMETAL Jealousy is a negative feeling, and if there is a reason to feel jealous for people I instead take the time to think about what I should do to make it good for me, that’s why I never feel jealous.

Q55 Are there actual moments where people just read your text messages without answering? (BxMxC lyrics)

SU-METAL Yes there are.

Q56 What do you think is love? (Shanti lyrics)

MOAMETAL (Love is) when you think with your heart and don’t have any secret intentions. It is something that isn’t given by people or stolen away, it naturally overflows.

Q57 Is there a real feel of transcending time and space in the world? (Starlight lyrics)

SU-METAL I haven’t experienced that feel yet.

Q58 Arkadia is a place of light and the paradise, what kind of place is this? (Arkadia lyrics)

MOAMETAL As for me it is a home where I eat delicious food with my friends and family, and probably a place to sleep (laughs).

Q59 What dance was the hardest to memorize from the new “Metal Galaxy” songs?

MOAMETAL Since we haven’t created a choreography for every song yet it’s hard to say … but “Brand New Day” and “BxMxC” feel really hard to decide on a dance while listening to them.

Q60 Has your favorite action at a concert changed?

SU-METAL My signature move with the “Akatsuki” mantle maybe. That one feels so good to do!

Q61 What are you most careful about when you express your message through your dance?

MOAMETAL Expressing the song’s world. A Babymetal dance coexists with the song and I think about how to make the song shine more.

Q62 Is there something your fans did to support you that you remember?

SU-METAL When YUIMETAL was missing for the Hiroshima shows, everyone was singing her parts.

Q63 Was there a live show where your fans helped out by the cheering and supporting?

MOAMETAL Everyone of our fans always helps us out with cheering and supporting. It feels good to stand there.

Q64 What was the live show where you best faced your nervousness?

SU-METAL At this years Yokohama Arena. The tension was rising when we felt how the audience was waiting for us, but the nervousness then changed into energy.

Q65 What meal excited you the most on the recent tour in Japan and abroad?

MOAMETAL The eel we ate at “Summer Sonic Osaka”.

Q66 What does SU-METAL think are the essential things about MOAMETAL?

SU-METAL She looks at her surroundings a lot and she always has just the right distance to the people around her.

Q67 What does MOAMETAL think are the essential things about SU-METAL?

MOAMETAL She is taking a straight line to whatever she likes. Despite any suffering she is continuously pursuing the things she likes, it is just so cool how she always chases her favorite things.

Q68 What does SU-METAL think has changed about MOAMETAL? Did she grow up or something like that?

SU-METAL Her technique to catch mosquitoes.

Q69 What does MOAMETAL think has changed about SU-METAL? Did she grow up or something like that?

MOAMETAL She is just 2 years older so she felt more and more like a big sister. Whether us being together for such a long time or it being the same since the start, I don’t get tired of being together with her.

Q70 Is there something that MOAMETAL has seen where SU-METAL has screwed up lately?

MOAMETAL When I found a cicada (Japanese insect) that’s fallen upside down on it’s back and i put it down at a place where people don’t step on it, she desperately tries to hold back her screaming “Stop it! Stop it!”.

Q71 Is there something that SU-METAL has seen where MOAMETAL has screwed up lately?

SU-METAL Her neck hurted because she slept with it being bend in a slightly weird angle.

Q72 What had you deeply moved emotionally lately?

MOAMETAL When i feel ill or sad my close friends call me and I feel moved by how they understand my troubles and how they feel the same way.

Q73 What is the most often way for you to come across music currently?

MOAMETAL That’s BABYMETAL. With the help of its existence I am meeting a lot of people and hearing a lot of music.

Q74 How much pride do you feel about BABYMETAL?

SU-METAL BABYMETAL’s activities span about half of my lifetime. So you can say it is my life.

Q75 Has the favorite song for overseas fans changed?

SU-METAL “KARATE” is popular.

Q76 What is your challenge for the next Saitama Super Arena and Osaka Jo-Hall?

MOAMETAL I will do my absolute best anytime!

Q77 You announced a long tour in the US, Europe and even Asia. Do you have confidence in your endurance?

SU-METAL To be honest, we don’t know because it’s a new world to us. But we are constantly overcoming huge obstacles so I feel like there is nothing we can’t do.

Q78 Is there a place or country you want to go?

MOAMETAL The south region! Australia is a lovely country, I want to go there again as well as other countries in the south.

Q79 Your straightforward thinking (about Songs and activities) comes probably from seeing so many places in the world?

SU-METAL That might be. While touring I learn about myself, my way of thinking, my values, everything we have cultivated while visiting places all around the world.

Q80 Do you want to go watch the Tokyo Olympics?

MOAMETAL I want to see it. People that compete with all their might are beautiful so I want to support it.

Q81 If a time machine would exist, to what time would you go back? Or would you want to go into the future?

MOAMETAL The future!. There is nothing that can change the past, changing the people from the past feels like breaking the rules. Because everyone was thinking for their own.

Q82 What is the one thing you can’t give up?

SU-METAL Singing.

Q83 What is the most comfortable place for you right now?

MOAMETAL The inside of a futon (Japanese bed).

Q84 What BABYMETAL merch items and apparel are your favorite?

MOAMETAL I think that my favorite BABYMETAL merch is the one that feels stylish and is easy for everyday use.

Q85 Are we still loved by the metal gods?

SU-METAL I think so.

Q86 When do you feel the bond between you two?

MOAMETAL When we say the same thing at the same time.

Q87 If you would go on tour again, who would it be you want to tour with?

SU-METAL Metallica.

Q88 What do you want to do in Japan this year?

MOAMETAL I want to do what we did in the past in the Zepp venue where the shows where restricted to only woman or people with white face paint!

Q89 Which person do you want to meet the most now?

MOAMETAL That’s going to stay SU-METAL.

Q90 What’s your favorite music currently? Any albums, songs or scenes in countries?

SU-METAL Seeing BRING ME THE HORIZON live, it was really impressing, it gave me lingering memories.

Q91 What are you the most curious about currently?

MOAMETAL Us as BABYMETAL! I am really curious about how we are are going to change and evolve, what we are going to do now, and what will be the best for us.

Q92 Who is the artist you have most respect for right now?

SU-METAL The one I always really like is Perfume.

Q93 Was there anything in recent years that made you so excited that you couldn’t sleep?

MOAMETAL The most excited I got recently was when I ate delicious cheesecake.

Q94 What do you think are important habits for you now?

SU-METAL Eating meals.

Q95 Please share us your favorite motto.

SU-METAL “The snail climbs mount Fuji without a break”

Q96 Which color represents the current BABYMETAL?

SU-METAL Rainbow-Color.

Q97 Do you have a few words for the Fox God?

SU-METAL Please continue to watch over us from now.

Q98 Do you have a few words for the staff?

MOAMETAL We are blessed that they do their work with love and that we together as BABYMETAL are moving forward. I think I can only believe in myself because of everyone who is part of it.

Q99 Do you have a few words for the reader?

SU-METAL BABYMETAL is a group that is constantly challenging itself. I want everyone to believe and continue with us on our path, no matter if you feel like “what the hell is this!?” or “This is interesting!”. We want to continue the challenge to make it a wonderful thing!!!

Q100 By the way, what is it that you two feel so close together?

MOAMETAL We respect each other and think about each other.


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