Polkadot Stingray on Playstation Blog

For the release of several Final Fantasy Soundtracks on Spotify, the japanese Playstation Blog asked some musicians to create a playlist with their favorite soundtrack. Shizuku from Polkadot Stingray created a playlist and wrote about it:



“From the Final Fantasy Series, the one i can recommend the most is “IX” (and everything below), so my song collection is from “FFIX”. I especially loved the black mage Vivi, that’s why my cat is also named “Vivi”. I particularly liked FFIX for the charming scenery and characters. The FFIX scenario is not just a simple drama, but it shows the growth of each character. And yet the personality of each and every one of them stands firm. So every partymember was a lovely character. Now that i’m an adult, i want to see the ending of the game again. I should play it again some time.”

Listen to the Playlist on Spotify.